czwartek, 14 czerwca 2012

Pseudoświnia i Rytuał Przejścia

"As you return you see spread out before you the world, your former life, a planet full of fascinating objects and events. Each aspect of the return trip can be a delightful discovery. Soon you will be descending to take your place in worldly events. The key to this return voyage is simply this: take it easy, slowly, naturally. Enjoy every second. Don't rush. Don't be attached to your old games. Recognize that you are in the re-entry period. Do return with any emotional pressure. Everything you see and touch can glow in radiance. Each moment can be a joyous discovery.

Here ends the Third Bardo,
The Period of Re-Entry"*

Ojciec Pseudoświni był zafascynowany Tybetańską Księgą Umarłych. Tymczasem czeka Go rytuał Przejścia, który do niczego nie jest Mu potrzebny.

*The Psychedelic Experience, A Manual Based On The Tibetan Book Of The Dead, Timothy Leary, PhD., Ralph Metzner, PhD., Richard Alpert, PhD, Carol Publishing Group Edition, 1993.